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Face Flair LLC, a Michigan based company, was incorporated in April 2009. The founder, Kim Torres teamed up with family members Patrick, Karen and Ken to make her dream of starting a business a reality.  Kim has been interested in art all her life. People who know her have often told her that she should utilize her talents to do something wonderful. Back in November of 2008, Kim and her husband attended a fundraiser for a friend who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Being the artist that she is, Kim decorated her face with rhinestones for the ‘guitar hero’ themed fundraiser. Even strangers were interested in where Kim ‘bought’ the cool designs for her face. “Face Flair” was born!


Kim's story

  • The paints we work with are FDA-compliant cosmetic-grade makeup products. We never use acrylic paint, poster paint, marking pens, or any other art-supply painting/drawing products that are not specifically designed for use on skin.

  • Our glitter products are cosmetic-grade and have been specially formulated to be used on skin. We do not use craft glitter, which often contains sharp edges, metallic particles, or even glass!

  • We only  paint those who are a willing participants.

  • We do not paint on skin that has any type of open wounds, cuts, or injuries. We may, at our discretion, paint an alternate body part such as an arm or hand in such cases.


We created a US based company to transform Kim’s designs into 3-D skin-safe appliqués. In August of 2009, we had the first “Face Flair” product in our hands, ready for packaging.  From there, things happened fast. After initially selling to our friends and family, we quickly branched out to the general public.


We got involved in craft shows and other local venues. We started to expand our presence on the internet ( In 2010, it was suggested to Face Flair that we add face painting to help get our name “out there” even more. Soon after that, Kim successfully ran many “Face painting by Face Flair” booths across the Detroit Metro Area. We added fundraising to our booths for local charities as well. This is definitely a win/win. We are spreading our "Flair", and helping others at the same time!


Today we have further expanded our creative talents by adding caricatures, henna and general art design work.  


Hire us for your creative needs!

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